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The Ministry for Foreign Investment and Economic Co-operation (MINVEC) operates a Centre for the Promotion of Investments (CPI), consisting of highly qualified specialists that promote the influx of foreign capital towards industrial, tourist, real estates and any other joint venture businesses. Furthermore, this ministry provides an updated directory with all the possible joint businesses. Essentially, a joint venture will be approved when a Cuban entity requires financial, technological or know-how assistance. The first step in complying with local criteria is to provide a duly legalised document accrediting the constitution of the company which is intending to enter the said joint venture, accreditation of the person who will act as legal representative, bank reports and financial statements audited by an accounting company. The general rule is to provide up to 3 years certified accounts. The applicant should also accredit his identity and his company's documentation via legalization at the Cuban Consul where his company is constituted and by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Havana.

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